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SREIslamic Workshop

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We live in a hyper-sexualised society. As much as we would like, as parents, to shield our children from every sexual message, they are so widespread, that we cannot afford to allow them to shape our children’s view about sexuality and growing up. Parents who want to talk to their children about sexuality and growing up face a number of challenges; schools tend to broach the subject devoid of morality or values, whilst upbringing and culture suggest sex is a taboo that ought not to be talked about.

This practical, interactive workshop, based on the most up to date research, will equip parents with the confidence, skills and knowledge to raise sensitive topics without embarrassment.

The workshop will cover the following subjects – the impact of pornography, mass media, Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) at school, the cyberbubble, how to keep your children safe online, the role of parents, sex differences, the world of boys and girls, rolemodels, peer-pressure, masculinity, authoritative parenting (unconditional love and effective boundary setting), how to open lines of communication, the prophetic model, the key factors in influencing your children’s sexual decisionmaking, love and lust, how to talk to your children about sexuality and growing up, instant gratification vs delayed gratification.

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Sunday 30th June 2013
Taqwah Mosque
162 Northam Rd, Southampton
SO14 0QF

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SRE In Tower Hamlets' Primary Schools

REPORT: SRE In Tower Hamlets' Primary Schools, A Critical Study

This report is the culmination of the results from freedom of information requests to all schools in Tower Hamlets as well as multiple requests to Tower Hamlets Council.  The objective was to find out what is being taught in each school, to what extent are parents involved in decision making and what role is the council playing in promoting inappropriate Sex and Relationship Education in Tower Hamlets' primary schools.  It also includes first hand experiences of 20 parents from a broad range of primary schools in Tower Hamlets.


SREIslamic was established to raise awareness about the teaching of SRE in state schools. We believe parents need to be supported to realise their role of nurturing their children to develop an Islamic identity. Our objectives

  1. Raise awareness, advise and support parents to challenge inappropriate SRE teaching in schools
  2. Conduct research into how SRE is decided and delivered to inform the public debate about SRE
  3. Facilitate the development of an Islamically framed SRE alternative programme/resources.

If you have any suggestions, would like to support us as a volunteer or donate to help us achieve our goals, please feel free to contact us via email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 07883 027 067.

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